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S n i t t e r f i e l d   R e s e r v o i r
Important! The water level of the reservoir changes very quickly when we get rain so please move your platform back from the water's edge before you leave. This prevents them from floating away!
Thank you!
This is probably the best crucian carp water in the area and these, coupled with excellent stocks of other species, makes the reservoir a great venue for the pleasure angler and specimen hunter alike. Restocking has been taking place with a consignment of small crucians together with some small tench adding to the growing fish population. These are already growing on well. As mentioned above, the water level varies considerably. In warm, dry weather, the level goes down as water is drawn off to water the golf course. The platforms are designed to be moveable but they are heavy so get someone to help you if you want to reposition your chosen peg. When you leave, make sure that your platform is moved back from the water to prevent it floating away in a sudden downpour. 
Access is via the two solid metal gates off the A46 (see map for location). Use the combination in your membership book for entry. The track along the side of the reservoir leads to the car park at the dam end. It's best to drop off your tackle on the way to the car park. No parking on the track.
As the water warms up in spring, so the crucians become more active and as they cruise along the ledge at the bottom of the concrete bank, they can be caught on sweetcorn, soft pellet or red maggot. Don't fish too far out. The bream shoals are in great condition, fighting all the way to the net. Roach, rudd, perch, tench and even gudgeon are also found in this unusual water. Fish often feed in mid water in summer, so a slow sinking bait works well, along with regular feeding. A recent stocking of tench has added to the variety. There are also some big grass carp. 
ENTRY - The entrance is now through two new metal gates with a combination lock. See your membership book for entry details and combination. Close the gate behind you.
TICKETS - This water is open to Leamington Angling members only.
NO day tickets. Members pay a small daily charge to the bailiff (£3 or £2 for concessions) payable on the bank or online HERE which goes towards restocking and maintenance. Juniors must be accompanied and supervised at all times by an adult member. Members may bring one guest to fish at the reservoir. The guest ticket can be purchased on the bank from your bailiff or online HERE
TWO RODS per angler maximum.
LITTER - Make sure you take all your litter home.
DANGER -  Under no circumstances should members go onto the pier gantry at the dam end of the reservoir.
OPENING TIMES - Fishing from dawn til dusk. NO night fishing.
BARBLESS hooks only. NO microbarbs, NO semi barbs, NO crushed barbs. Just BARBLESS!
NO sweetcorn or meat tins allowed on site.
ALL ANGLERS must have an appropriate landing net and unhooking mat.
COATED BRAID is permitted for hooklengths
PARKING - in the car park at the dam end ONLY, NOT on the track.
SAT NAV Co-ordinates N52.225126, W1.702733 .
MEMBERS Pay an additional small charge each time they fish which goes towards restocking and maintenance.
THE RESERVOIR is open all year. Dawn til dusk. Strictly NO night fishing.
Check the list below for matches.
Any pegs not included in a prebooked match are available for members to fish

Fishing is from dawn to dusk.

NO night fishing

Time, date, sunrise and sunset provided by

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Your Bailiffs

Ron Storr   and   Thad Kubiak

​© 2022 Royal Leamington Spa Angling Association



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