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The Campaign for the Leam and Avon Rivers

River Avon at Wasperton

picture Ryan Matteri

Good News!!

We attended the Stratford District Council Cabinet meeting on 11th February and it was decided that the Council will not support the navigation idea and we also understand that Warwick District Council have withdrawn support. A great victory for common sense, powered by the huge number of emails sent by anglers and supporters of Charlecote Mill which undoubtedly made councillors aware of the scale of the opposition to this unpopular idea. Lets hope that this kills off the scheme for the forseeable future. 


As members may be aware, the spectre of opening the upper river Avon to wide beam boat traffic has once again raised its ugly head. The section concerned is from Alveston to Warwick. Obviously, this would have a detrimental effect on both Angling and the natural environment and many other river users would be unable to continue. Needless to say, Leamington Angling Association is at the forefront of objections to this idea, as we were back in 2004 when the idea was turned down by Warwickshire County Council after a two day public meeting. WCC concluded “the organisations that support the proposals are exclusively water related interest groups and bodies” i.e. boat hire, boat building & repair, marinas etc almost all from outside the local area.

On 14th January 2019, Stratford District Council Cabinet will be considering a report from consultants who have been evaluating the socio-economic benefits of opening up the upper Avon to boat traffic. Obviously, the huge number of boats wanting to visit Stratford, Charlecote Park and Warwick Castle would make the river impossible for many other river users including anglers.

How can members help? It is essential that everyone who is concerned about this proposed development makes their objection clear to as many Stratford District and Warwick District councillors as possible. Below are email addresses for you to copy and paste. If you would like them as an Outlook Distribution List for you to import into your emails, just let me know and I'll send it. 

Stratford District Council

Councillor Andrew Crump 

Councillor Anne Parry 

Councillor Chris Williams 

Councillor Christopher Kettle 

Councillor Christopher Mills 

Councillor Christopher Saint 

Councillor Danny Kendall 

Councillor Daren Pemberton 

Councillor Dave Riches 

Councillor Eric Payne 

Councillor George Atkinson 

Councillor Hazel Wright 

Councillor Jacqui Harris 

Councillor Jason Fojtik 

Councillor Jennifer Fradgley 

Councillor Jo Barker 

Councillor John Feilding 

Councillor Justin Kerridge 

Councillor Kate Rolfe 

Councillor Lynda Organ 

Councillor Mark Cargill 

Councillor Maurice Howse 

Councillor Mike Brain

Councillor Mike Gittus

Councillor Molly Giles 

Councillor Penny-Anne O`Donnell penny-anne.o' 

Councillor Peter Barnes 

Councillor Peter Moorse 

Councillor Peter Richards 

Councillor Robert Vaudry 

Councillor Simon Lawton 

Councillor Stephen Gray

Councillor Stephen Thirlwell 

Councillor Susan Adams 

Councillor Tony Bromwich 

Councillor Tony Jefferson

Warwick District Council

Alan Boad 

Alan Rhead 

Amanda Stevens 

Andrew Day 

Andrew Mobbs 

Andrew Thompson 

Balvinder Gill 

Barbara Weed 

Bill Gifford 

Caroline Evetts 

Colin Quinney 

Daniel Howe 

David Shilton 

Felicity Bunker 

George Illingworth 

Gordon Cain 

Hayley Grainger 

Ian Davison 

Jackie D'Arcy 

Jane Knight 

John Barrott 

John Cooke 

John-Paul Bromley 

Judith Falp 

Kristie Naimo 

Mary Noone 

Michael Coker 

Michael Doody 

Moira-Ann Grainger 

Neale Murphy 

Noel Butler 

Pamela Redford 

Patricia Cain 

Peter Phillips 

Peter Whiting

Richard Davies

Richard Edgington 

Robert Margrave 

Rowena Hill 

Stef Parkins 

Stephen Cross 

Susan Gallagher 

Terry Morris

Tony Heath

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