R i v e r  A v o n  -  S t r a t f o r d  u p o n  A v o n
These two stretches of the beautiful Warwickshire Avon provide consistent sport in winter and summer. Being conveniently located close to the centre of Stratford means that angling can be combined with other activities for all the family. Quality shops, pubs, restaurants and the Stratford Leisure Centre with swimming pool are all nearby.
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The Lido

The Lido stretch has good roach and dace shoals, perch, chub and with small pockets of bleak and the odd gudgeon. Again carp, pike and some barbel near the overhanging chestnut trees at the swans neck bend. Some years ago the large willows on the straight were cut right back and this left the straight quite bare but happily they are now coming back and it seems to have given the chub the cover they need as they have been coming out in numbers around the pound mark to maggot and waggler tactics. A small 4 or 6 no 4 stick float trotted down the edge with a small handful of maggots or caster will seek out the dace and roach.
 This stretch is accessed off the A439 warwick road just past and opposite the Welcome Hotel and golf course. There is a large free council car park, giving immediate access to the river via a tarmac path which runs right along the river and into the town itself.
The pole with ground bait and pinkie, caster,bread or maggot will catch a nice roach bag. A ledgered pellet or worm will also see chub and greedy perch in the net. Again for the smaller species 3lb line and anything down to a 1lb hook length with 18s-20s hooks. Some boat traffic but nowhere as busy as the Recreation Ground and this finishes at the end of summer. As always in autumn and winter with more pace and colour it just gets better and better.  A popular stretch as it has everything- parking, surroundings and fish! 
The Recreation Ground
This stretch of the Avon runs through the Stratford town centre starting opposite the theatre and running downstream to just past the church and is famed for its roach shoals that migrate to it in the winter months.
What with all the concrete and surrounding waterside buildings it creates a stretch that is just a degree or two warmer than the exposed countryside around it. The area is obviously busy with tourists and boaters in the summer but with more pace,colour and depth in the autumn and winter it really is a cracking stretch whether you're fishing the waggler, stick, whip or pole. Ground bait works well here if you are pole fishing, recommended lines are around the 3lb mark with hook lengths 2lb but be prepared to drop down to 1lb if it's tricky. Hooks 18s and 20s but again dropping to 22,24 if it's hard. Maggots are always a favourite here with pinkie and caster bread punch and hemp also.  If you are fishing for the dace you must feed a catapult full of maggots every cast, this keeps the dace up in the water and competing hard so a  larger hook 16s-14s are often beneficial as finesse is not required. A larger hook also aids in swinging the dace in if your using a whip of waggler.  But don't think of this stretch as a winter only venue as in the summer, although usually low and clear has large shoals of dace, some bleak and a few gudgeon. Add to that the ever present bream shoals and you're in for a interesting day. Not a deep stretch averaging around 4-5ft with lots of water cabbage and a small amount of streamer weed it really is the perfect nursery for the silvers and bream to thrive. Unsurprisingly there are pike and the quantity of silvers does attract them especially in the winter so if pike are your quarry this is a good place to start! Always remember to use a large unhooking mat and forceps for these fragile fish. Some recent pike captures have topped 20lb! There are some large carp present here and they can often be seen topping to the left of the theatre under the willow trees. Parking is waterside and via the council pay and display (approx £6 a day in summer and approx £4 in the winter). Once past the church downstream  you are at Lucy's Mill weir which runs to the road bridge at the end of the stretch. Approximately 15 pegs with an array of species to go after- zander, tench, bream,eels, roach,pike and some monster barbel. Again float tactics will score here but far more popular is ledgering with worm,pellet or luncheon meat. You will need some lead to hold bottom here among the turbulent water. Parking is at the Greenway a short walk away (cheaper) or again at the Recreation Ground waterside. The Rec really is a great and diverse fishery summer or winter.
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PARKING. For the Lido, park in the car park off the A439 (see map). This is free at the time of writing. For the Recreation Ground, park in the public car park (pay and display) or if you intend fishing towards Lucy's Mill, you can park at the Greenways car park on Seven Meadows Road which is pay and display (but cheaper) and only 5 minutes walk down to the river and over the footbridge.  
ALL ANGLERS must have an appropriate landing net and unhooking mat.
NO BARBEL to be retained in keepnets. 
TWO RODS per angler maximum.
CLOSE SEASON  All rivers are closed between 15th March and 15th June each year.
Live baiting is prohibited in all Association waters. The use of freshwater fish for bait is prohibited whether as live or dead bait. Using dead bait is permitted only from 1st October to March 14th. Pike fishing with lures is permitted at any time during the season. The use of a gaff is prohibited. 
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